Swim Profile

Born in 1986, I learned how to swim when 9 year old and started competitive swimming training from 11 yo from breaststroke. Due to knee injury, I switched to butterfly stroke and swam in 50m and 100m butterfly in the conventional swimming game until 22 yo. My time wasn’t so fast and I mainly swam for health and happiness.

After finished the last 100m butterfly race in 22, I thought I wouldn’t race in my life again. Got drown by study and professional career in life, I moved from Hong Kong to Germany, from Germany to Czech Republic; graduated from my master and doctorate studies. I had a 8-year long break from swimming until 30 year old. In 2017, I decided to change my lifestyle completely and trained up for a 5.2-km cross Balaton Lake swim in July 2017 in Hungary and later 3-km in FINA Masters World Championships Open Water in Balaton.

Open water swimming brought up my life. When one pillar in life became strong, other pillars followed. A path of life and career shined through my head during training, which led to later several positive life-changing decisions.

Since 2017, I have swum tens of events mainly ice swimming and long-distance open water every year. Gradually, I found my destiny in swimming.

I want to create and complete some extraordinary swim challenges that normal people would think it is too crazy. I just want to demonstrate that with proper training and dedication, we can push our limits further and further while at the same time being humble to know our current boundary. Each of my swim challenges is to demonstrate a certain set of values I believe. For example, always swim for passion and love rather than swimming for race, time, medal and fear!

Every year, I attend 30-50 events and below is the highlight.


19-Feb-2023; 4th ice mile completed


3-6 Feb 2022; representing Hong Kong, 4 bronze (1000m ice freestyle, 500m ice freestyle, 250m ice freestyle, 50m butterfly) medals and 1 silver medal (100m individual medley) in age group in 4th IISA ice swimming world championships in Glogow, Poland.

4-Mar-2022; first person in the world to swim an ice mile (1609m) in Individual Medley. 36min 59s. Water temp: 4.1°C. First 400m butterfly, then 400m backstroke, 400m breaststroke and finished with 450m freestyle.

2-Sep-2020; first Hongkonger to swim across English Channel solo successfully. 13 hour 55 minute.

6-Feb-2020; location: Bled (Slovenia); Event: IWSA World Championship; distance: 450m BUTTERFLY; water temp: 6°C; time: 9 minute 59.71 second

16-Feb-2019; location: Altenwörth (Austria); Event: IISA Austria Ice Mile; distance: 1609m BUTTERFLY; water temp: 4.77°C; air temp: 4.80°C; time: 43 minute 3 second (first man in the world)

6-Jan-2019; location: Veitbronn (Germany); Event: 6th Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere German Open 2019/IISA World Cup Series; distance: 1000m; water temp: 1.40°C; air temp: 2.00°C; time: 16 minute 48 second (New Hong Kong Country Record)

12-Jan-2019; location: Katowice (Poland); Event: Ice Combo Challenge; distance: 1000 + 1000m, water temp: 0°C; air temp: -4.60°C; time: first 1000m 19 minute 22 second; second 1000m 18 minute 13 second

10-Feb-2019; location: Branik, Prague (Czech Republic): Event: IISA Ice Mile; distance: 1609m; water temp: 3.47°C; air temp: 5.70°C; time: 31 minute 24 second (the 311th Ice Mile Finisher in the world)

16-Feb-2019; location: Altenwörth (Austria); Event: Austria Ice Swimming Championship; distance: 1000m; water temp: 3.60°C; air temp: 8.00°C; time: 16 minute 2.88 second (New Hong Kong Country Record)

18-Mar-2019; location: Murmansk (Russia); Event: 3rd IISA World Championship; distance: 1000m; water temp: 0.00°C; air temp: -6.30°C; time: 15 minute 52.68 second. Bronze medal in age group. (New Hong Kong Country Record)

25-May-2019; location: Tovačov (Czech Republic); Event: Czech cup; distance: 15km; water temp: 16.2°C; air temp: 22°C; time: 4 hour 30 minute 51.6 second

3-Sep-2019; location: Loch Ness (Scotland); Event: Born To Swim Team 4-people relay; distance: 36.2km; water temp: 14-16°C; time: 11hour 38 minute

30-Nov-2019; location: Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic); Event: Czech Cup; distance: 1000m BUTTERFLY; water temp: 6.2°C; time: 19 minute 53 second

7-Dec-2019; location: Choceň (Czech Republic); Event: Czech Cup; distance: 750m BUTTERFLY; water temp: 2.5°C; time: 16 minute 22 second

26-Dec-2019; location: Prague (Czech Republic); Event: Czech Cup; distance: 750m BUTTERFLY; water temp: 5.6°C; time: 17 minute 06 second

1-April-2018; location: Zlin (Czech Republic); Event: 6h Marathon Swim; distance: 19.7km; time: 6 hour

21-July-2018; location: Opava (Czech Republic); Event: Czech cup; distance: 10km; time: 2 hour 41 minute 31 second

26-August-2018; location: Račice (Czech Republic); Event: Czech cup; distance: 20km; time: 6 hour 4 minute 43.6 second