【專訪】香港第一人 麥震江 游渡英倫海峽 English Channel │移民捷克生活分享 │戰勝肺炎病情 游14小時長途水│香港運動員精神 追逐游泳夢想
An interview about my Czech life, why I came here and started my swimming journey. My perspectives in Czech Republic.
Full long cut of 39 minute recording the whole process how I swam across the English Channel solo.
Qualified to swim English Channel by swimming 6 hours in cold water.
My story about why I want to be the first Hongkonger to cross English Channel by swimming.
Full length video of my ice mile butterfly in 44 minute without any cut.
I believe proper training is everything you need to push your limit. Being humble to know your boundary, at the same time, we should be able to overcome our limits and push it forward again and again.

Promo video from Born To Swim International Limited which produces customised swimming accessories with European design and production.

In 2019, three Czech swimmers Ondrej Smisitel, Zdenek Slama and Kamil Cepelak formed a relay team with me. We have set a new 4-people relay world record 11hour 38min on 3rd September 2019 cross the total length 36.2km in Loch Ness, Scotland. Water temperature was 12-15 °C.