Proper usage of Supplements from Restart-Energy HELPED!

With the help from Restart Energy products (, we crossed the whole length of Loch Ness successfully on 3rd September 2019. Here is a report of our swim and the product usage.

Details of our Loch Ness swim
1st leg: Chun Kong Mak (Hong Kong)
2nd leg: Zdeněk Sláma (Czech republic)
3rd leg: Ondřej Smisitel  (Czech republic)
4th leg: Kamil Cepelak  (Czech republic)

Route: from Fort Augustus to Lochend
Water temperature: 12.9℃ at Fort Augustus, 14.9℃ at Lochend
Length: 36.2km
Completed time: 11 hours 38 minutes

Relay description: each swimmer swam 1 hour at least non-stop and another leg jumped in to continue. The sequence of legs cannot be swapped from the beginning till the end.

Swim wears: No warm-keeping swimwear such as neoprene is allowed. All of us wore normal 11 cm men swim shorts (53% Polyester – 47% PBT) from BornToSwim brand.

Challenges: There is a mysterious legend about Loch Ness monsters. The water is dark brown in color that we cannot see through. The water was cold between 12-15℃. The total straight-line distance was 36.2km. The fastest record of 4-people crossing Loch Ness was to-be-ratified by British Long Distance Swimming Association (BLDSA) was set in July 2019 and it was 14 hours 39 minutes. We smashed the world record of 4-people crossing by 3 hours. Our record 11 hours 38 minutes is in progress to be ratified by BLDSA. Three of our swimmers missed our flight on the way to Scotland. Due to the missed flight and delayed journey, the whole team slept only 3-4 hours after arrival in Loch Ness and went for the Loch Ness crossing directly.

Restart Energy products helped us make the record! Each swimmer basically swam 1 hour and then took 3 hours rest and jumped into the water again. We had ISODRINK and HOT PROTEIN MEAL right after every 1-hour swim.

Restart Energy ISODRINK: This was our main drink during the swim to supply our energy. Thank to the formulation which contains both slow long-lasting sugar Palatinose and the fast sugar Dextrose, we gained the authentic energy source before and during our swims. Taurine in the formulation is innovative and it kept us concentrate on our swimming stroke technique, body position and breathing pattern. In additional to sugar as a source of energy from ISODRINK, ISODRINK hydrates cells in body, which reduced fatigue and the risk of cramping.

As a traveling swimmer, we bought bottles of 2L water from supermarket. A bit of water was pulled out from the water and we added the ISODRINK powder into the water. They were prepared on the night before the swim and taken on the boat in the early morning.

Restart Energy PROTEIN SHAKE: Restart Energy has its own innovative formulation in PROTEIN SHAKE compared to other brands. The main aim of using protein shake is to consolidate the growth of muscle and the best moment to drink is right after a workout. L-glutamine in the formulation facilitates the synthesis of muscle fibers. Maca is a vegetable that has been cultivated as a root crop for at least 2000 years and used both nutritionally and medicinally. It boosts sports performance and energy particularly during endurance events. We drank this PROTEIN SHAKE after every section of training one month advanced to facilitate our muscle strength growth. After one leg of swim in Loch Ness, I drank the PROTEIN SHAKE to absorb maca for the performance of my next leg.

Restart Energy HOT PROTEIN MEAL (protein kase) various flavours: The fast energy source Dextrose helps to supply energy. Maca inside supports physical and mental health, endurance and vitality. Furthermore, 20 grams of protein is included within one portion of HOT PROTEIN MEAL. It supplies all the necessary needs in our body. We use them mainly as a supplementary food between our swims in Loch Ness, which gave our bodies energy.

Restart Energy PROTEIN SMOOTHIE: The principle and purpose are similar to the PROTEIN SHAKE. It helps muscle growth. Compared to PROTEIN SHAKE, it is just extremely delicious in taste thanks to the dried fruit and dried coconut milk ingredients. This technology associated with dry food is state-of-the-art nowadays. This may be one of the most attractive products we have tried in the market.

Training in Blansko Pond: We used Restart Energy products during our special training to simulate our diet in the real swim in Loch Ness. We went to Blansko pond to carry out our training.  We estimated each person would swim 2-3 times 1 hour in Loch Ness. We swam 1 hour non-stop with full speed and took a 20-minute break. During the break, we had the ISODRINK and HOT PROTEIN MEAL to simulate the diet on boat in Loch Ness.

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