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Your passion leads to limitless possibilities.

“Your passion leads to limitless possibilities.”

Those words wrap up my  journey in 2020. 

Express my feeling after absorbing the Bruce Lee’s quote “using no way as way. having no limitation as limitation.” and a quote “where there is a will, there is a way.” Your willpower and determination ultimately come from your passion. You do something because you love it. The passion and love give you a tremendous source of power. It opens the door of boundless possibilities.

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Make conditions A, B and C happen!

[Road to English Channel 🇬🇧 -> 🇫🇷] Believe in destiny. 6 years ago, I sat in front of my computer probably with some alcohol in Germany. I had the worst physical condition in my life after surgery on left knee. I read about how people can swim across English Channel. I thought that was crazy. How can people overcome the ultramarathon distance, cold water and financially feasible at the same time? I just set this idea aside. Life and destiny guide me to be here over years. When you think you need conditions A, B and C together to accomplish a task, in reality, all the conditions A, B and C can never happen together right in front of you. When you have A and B, u don’t have C, and vice versa. Only when you decided to go ahead for the goal, you will have all the conditions A, B and C happen!
Picture: Have my Holter 24-hour heart monitor right traveling to UK. Make sure my heart is alright.
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Final preparation

[Road to English Channel 🇬🇧 -> 🇫🇷] There are many reasons not to do a task. But you only need one reason to do a task. My only reason is “I want to”. Based on the pure passion, I just give justification to myself with two “reasons”. “Reason 1″: I want to demonstrate that Hongkongers 🇭🇰can achieve what we have been fighting for. We dare to risk our life to dream big. 🙌🏿”Reason 2”: Two years ago, my great dude Kamil and I, in a trip to support coach man Rostislav Vitek’s @rostavitekswimmer 2 way English Channel, decided to found Born To Swim International Limited in Hong Kong. Sadly, Kamil passed away in April 2020. I decided to hit to the Channel with coach man. I will be able to feel Kamil’s spirit. 🙏🏿

Sports, to me, is a mixture of art, emotion and science together. With only scientific facts, you can’t get through challenges. You need belief and courage to be successful. 🤜🏽🤛🏻

Challenge date: 26 August – 1 September 2020

Picture: Balance my scapula at home with my newly installed TRX system on balcony. from @anna.k.l.c Support my challenge here:

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6 Hour Swim for English Channel Qualification 游6個鐘取英崘海峽資格

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How can you swim 6 hours in a row in cold water without neoprene? 🥳🥶🥶
This video shows how.
To qualify for swimming across the English Channel, swimmer must swim 6 hours continuously in 16.0 or under degree Celsius water without wetsuit nor warm-keeping clothing. On 9-May-2020, I have finished this qualification.
Each lap was around 450m. I have swum 31 laps in total. Every 2 laps, I had one break around 1-2 minutes to have my food and drink.
Thank David Keňa for support