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Make conditions A, B and C happen!

[Road to English Channel 🇬🇧 -> 🇫🇷] Believe in destiny. 6 years ago, I sat in front of my computer probably with some alcohol in Germany. I had the worst physical condition in my life after surgery on left knee. I read about how people can swim across English Channel. I thought that was crazy. How can people overcome the ultramarathon distance, cold water and financially feasible at the same time? I just set this idea aside. Life and destiny guide me to be here over years. When you think you need conditions A, B and C together to accomplish a task, in reality, all the conditions A, B and C can never happen together right in front of you. When you have A and B, u don’t have C, and vice versa. Only when you decided to go ahead for the goal, you will have all the conditions A, B and C happen!
Picture: Have my Holter 24-hour heart monitor right traveling to UK. Make sure my heart is alright.
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Final preparation

[Road to English Channel 🇬🇧 -> 🇫🇷] There are many reasons not to do a task. But you only need one reason to do a task. My only reason is “I want to”. Based on the pure passion, I just give justification to myself with two “reasons”. “Reason 1″: I want to demonstrate that Hongkongers 🇭🇰can achieve what we have been fighting for. We dare to risk our life to dream big. 🙌🏿”Reason 2”: Two years ago, my great dude Kamil and I, in a trip to support coach man Rostislav Vitek’s @rostavitekswimmer 2 way English Channel, decided to found Born To Swim International Limited in Hong Kong. Sadly, Kamil passed away in April 2020. I decided to hit to the Channel with coach man. I will be able to feel Kamil’s spirit. 🙏🏿

Sports, to me, is a mixture of art, emotion and science together. With only scientific facts, you can’t get through challenges. You need belief and courage to be successful. 🤜🏽🤛🏻

Challenge date: 26 August – 1 September 2020

Picture: Balance my scapula at home with my newly installed TRX system on balcony. from @anna.k.l.c Support my challenge here:

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6 Hour Swim for English Channel Qualification 游6個鐘取英崘海峽資格

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How can you swim 6 hours in a row in cold water without neoprene? 🥳🥶🥶
This video shows how.
To qualify for swimming across the English Channel, swimmer must swim 6 hours continuously in 16.0 or under degree Celsius water without wetsuit nor warm-keeping clothing. On 9-May-2020, I have finished this qualification.
Each lap was around 450m. I have swum 31 laps in total. Every 2 laps, I had one break around 1-2 minutes to have my food and drink.
Thank David Keňa for support