From crawling stroke to life attitude

Water temp: 0°C water; 1000m freestyle in Murmansk, Russia (the Arctic) in March-2019

Coach man told me all the time “EASY BUT FAST”. My swimming Sifu 🙏🏿@Rostislav Vitek. Thanks for inspiration. He means I should relax my arms in every stroke but have a faster frequency. Your mind and muscles take it easy but still moving fast in frequency. Ultimately, the speed is still not bad and save a lot of energy.

It happens often in life. We push too hard and waste so much energy. Still, things don’t move forward because it takes time and patience to train up a skill and ability. It takes everyday effort, for days, weeks, months and years. Bruce Lee: “We learn the way to win but never to accept the way to lose.” You take it easy and try your best. If things don’t happen still, improve and try again next time. When it doesn’t happen right now in many life aspects such as relationship, friendship, career, just chillex. Pay small effort everyday to make it big. You take it easy everyday to make progress and ultimately the result can be extraordinarily huge.🤘🏿💪🏽

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