Purpose of life

[serious] Does anybody share similar thoughts?

Comparing sport with life, most of us chase for the achievements and results. In work/career/society, chase for money, titles, certificates, posession? In sport, One challenge is done and look for another challenge? Want to win medals?

Sometimes, I felt like being a hamster running in a circle cage while seeing other “hamsters” fall and scream. 😵‍💫Then, I started to question: what was the purpose of sports and even life? Did I swim the English Channel and ice miles to fill the void?😮‍💨 I got lost and into depression mode.

Sunk down all thoughts, I got out from the confusion by refining my purposes💡🤩:

1. Bring values to others. If luckily you find my ideas helpful, it helps me to find my purposes. Please let me know. 😊🤝

2. Have fun. If I don’t enjoy swimming, I don’t do it everyday. Concentrate on and enjoy the process more than the achievement and results. 🥳Swim like partying. For example, observe how the arms catching the water and how the water flows. How we can reduce our water resistance.

3. Be grateful and don’t take things for granted. For example, I m grateful to have good health now to swim like this. 🙂 I didn’t even realize. and looked back the time after knee surgery years ago, I walked on crutches and couldn’t go anywhere.

Through social medias, we can build positive minds instead of putting hollow achievements and triggering jealous comparison. It is our job as a human.

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