Philosophy acquired in race.💡In the half way, I caught up with a man. I tried to speed up my stroke frequency but couldn’t be faster. I was still parallel to him. I focused too much on him. Then, I switched the focus on myself only. Told myself ‘Enjoy every stroke and second in in ice water. Concentrate on techniques.’ then, I got over the opponent effortlessly. It seems that being able to enjoy the process brings me to the next level. 🙏🏿 In the race, I m ultimately swimming with myself not others. I want to do my best performance for myself.

Aims of race: To test what I have learned in daily training. Enjoy every stroke during the swim in ice water. Chit-chat with friends before and after races. Swim for physical and mental health.💆🏻‍♂️ Look at the values I gain instead of results and achievements.

Picture after Prague 1km race in 3.8°C water 🤟🏽🌨💨Saturday.

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